Should we adopt?

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Ever since I'm back in Germany (I'm staying at my parents housd in Germany) I'm helping in refugee's camps and refugee's orphanages. I've met this cute little boy named Zain. He's 3 years old and has lost his whole family during his 'trip' to Germany, his mother was alive when they came here but died a few weeks ago, we dont know why. I love all of the children there but he's just different. He doesnt usually talk to anyone but me and I've talked to my fianceé about it, he has met him too and we are thinking about adopting him. We live in LA tho is that even possible? I really wanna take him with me but I'm 34 weeks pregnant and my fianceé had a son who's 5. Would that be too stressful and am I even able to take him to America with me? This baby is so innocent and all of them deserve to have a loving family, a second chance. :((((((