When do babies outgrow colic?

Ever since my daughter was 5 weeks old she's suffered with colic. I took her to the doctors and they said she has severe colic and nothing I do can possibly help. I've tried anti colic bottles, medicine, tummy massages, different winding positions, everything. I am DESPERATE. Over the past week I have added up how many hours Ava cries in 24 hours and it comes up to around 12-14 hours every day. I am near the end. She never stops screaming. From 5am when she wakes up to 5pm when she has her evening bath, if you add up all the catnaps it only comes to an hour maximum. And during the night she wakes me up every hour if I'm lucky, sometimes every 15 minutes to half an hour. I feel so hopeless. When will she outgrow this? Ava is 3 months old 😫