Ok so the last couple of days my bikini area has felt a little uncomfortable. I've put this down to my hair growing through from a wax i had a few weeks ago (i have everything removed).

Last night after a shower it felt more sore around the vulva area, so i put some sudocreme on it to ease the itching.

Sorry if this is tmi...but this morning i didnt get time for another shower (no biggie, i had one the night before). During the day i noticed a lot of creamy/sticky/tacky discharge in my underwear.

Now im home from work i still feel sore, so i got a mirror out and there is a fair amount of white stuff around my vulva. Other than that it doesnt look red inflamed or rashy. I am hoping the white stuff is just left over sudocreme since i haven't showered yet. (Panic not, i am about to jump in!)

Any one got any ideas whats wrong? There is no foul smell or anything else, just a bit sore. I also didn't ovulate this month, maybe i have an underlying yeast infection? (Im tracking my temp)

Posting anonymously, I as am a bit embarrassed!