Scammed 😢

Major rant... My husband and I were looking for a minivan on Craigslist because we have been sharing a car for a while. We found one we liked and met the guy at a Kroger to check it out. He was a really nice southern guy. Probably in his early forties. The van was clean and looked well kept. It was really nice. He talked to me about the baby while my husband checked out the van. Everything looked great! We bought it and he wished us luck with the baby. Today we took it through emissions so that that we could get the title in our name. It didn't pass. We took it to autozone and they found three major problems with it that the guy did NOT mention. I don't know how much it will  cost to repair or if we can sell it advertising it needs repair. Our baby girl is due in 5 weeks and now this happens. How could someone be so cruel?! 😢😔😞