Sick of married life!

I married young at 19, we've been married 2 years and we were dating 2 years before that. I loved him .. Now I'm just not sure. He's a good guy he's done nothing wrong but i just feel I have changed so much in the past year or 2 and I am a different person and so is he. We have already fallen into the typical marriage trap, it's boring and mundane and we have tried new things to spice it up but I just feel like it's kind of broken. We haven't talked about it but I don't think he feels the same way, maybe I just need more adventure and excitement. I took a trip to see my family without him thinking bunthentime inwouldnget back I wouldn't feel like this anymore but I'm truly starting to believe he's not the one for me! It makes me cringe to have sex with him I'm not attracted to him anymore and I feel like iv lost the emotional connection. At the same time I'm just not sure I don't want to throw what we have away, I'm posting on here because I literally don't have anyone to talk to about this whom I trust to keep it quiet or give me advice. I don't think i could even bring up the concept of break up or anything to him cuz it would be so out of the blue. What to do!?!? Help!