So confused, help!!!

Help!!!! On 11/9(Monday) I (according to glow) was supposed to start my period (my calculations said the 13th, but I just went with glow), so when I woke up on 11/9 and hadn't started, I took a HPT and it was positive 1-2 weeks pregnant....on Wednesday I had severe pain on my lower left side above my groin for about 30 minutes, went home and laid down and it went away, no bleeding, no other symptoms, took another preg test and it said 2-3 weeks pregnant.  Went about the week and on Sunday of the following week (this last Sunday) I started spotting dark brown, it continued to Monday so I called my doctor and they said go ahead and get it checked at ER, the doctor there said my HCG was 250 and that I was miscarrying.  Sent me home. (Pee test was positive there too) that night I started bleeding heavily red and dark brown both and have bled since. (No large clots though).  I took a blood test today and have no idea what they will say so I took another HPT and it still says positive.  Could I still be pregnant? Could it be a misdiagnosis? Could it be an ectopic?   From what I read 250 isn't a great 4 week number but I read anywhere between 50-450 is the range for it.  That day I was 4 weeks 4 days....and I haven't had any major cramping yet...just bleeding. HELP!!!!!!!!!