(TMI PICTURE) is this a miscarriage?

Megan • Married💎Olivia 4/1/17• Baby #2 due in April•metformin.🌻
I am 5 weeks 5 days. Today I had some pelvic pressure and at first Light bleeding so I ran to the er( I work in the hospital) they ran lots of tests. For starters, my blood hcg level is 399. The ultrasound my bowel was really inflamed so it was so hard for them to see the top of my uterus and especially my ovarys internally and externally, But they didn't see a yolk sack. When the dr. Gave me a pelvic exam he said that the blood wasn't coming from my cervix since that was closed. He released me with a diagnosis of "threatened miscarriage" he said to go to my ob for blood work on Saturday. Since then I've continued to have bleeding, not enough to soak a pad just enough when I wipe to be prominent, and some clotting. Also I had some pretty heavy cramping on and off which lasted about an hour. I never saw any tissue be passed. Any and all comments are appreciated at this time ❤️

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