Single mommy to be.. 😭

_Renae β€’ Proud single mommy of Zoey Elizabeth ❀
So I was with this guy for almost a year and we became pregnant with our first (not planned). I'm currently 26 weeks. About a month and a half ago a situation happened and now he is in jail because of it. Long story short- he got in a fight with my parents because he because irresponsible and didnt have a job and things got physical so he was sent to jail and now my parents have a 5 year protection order against him and everything so it makes it kind of impossible for him to come back into my life even if he was bailed out. But anyways, I'm very mad at him for what he has done and never will be able to forgive him but I'm really having a hard time getting over him. He was my first boyfriend and first breakup and the fact that I'm carrying his baby makes it even harder. I'm currently battling with anxiety and depression and I've never felt more alone. A big part of me wants everything back to normal so we could be happy together but another part of me says I can do this on my own. He was there for the first half of my pregnancy but he has to miss out on the rest and a part of the childs life. Im just too scared to do this alone. Im not ready to raise a baby by myself. I never wanted to be a single teen mom but maybe it's meant to be. I'm just having a super hard time with this. 😭😭