Question about being in room with dead mouse?


My cat spends most of the day in the basement of the old house we live in. It's like her little kingdom. Every once in a while she likes to present us with little mice she's found, usually leaving them in her own bed in the basement... this time she chose to bring it upstairs without me knowing and bury it in a blanket in the corner of our bedroom. It was there less than a week, we noticed a faint smell last night and couldn't pinpoint what it was, and then when I got home from work today it was so strong that I tracked down the little present she left us.

I'm in my first trimester, and am just nervous that being in a room with a decaying mouse and it's fumes would badly effect my pregnancy. The smell gave me a pretty bad headache... just curious if this could be an issue. I haven't seen anything on the Internet regarding this.

Any advice?

Thanks xoxo