Using Progesterone to induce a period

Sarah • 35, PCOS, TTC # 1 with Acupuncture and IVF in 2019
Hi fellow PCOS'ers,
I am new to the TTC journey, starting with trying to regulate my period. I took BC from ages 18-32, then came off it in March 2015. I had monthly spotting for a few months and then 2 pretty normal cycles at the beginning and end of September but have not seen AF since. 
That being said, we made a referral to a fertility specialist through our insurance. I just completed the blood work and negative pregnancy test so I can start taking Progesterone on Monday to induce AF so I can then do the HSG test to confirm that physically everything looks good. Hubby is also going to do a sperm analysis. 
Anyone else have experience with taking Progestetone? Curious what others have experienced and if it made any difference in regulating your cycle or ovulation. 
Thanks and baby dust!