Shady fake friend

We've been friends for 16 years and I've seen the way she treat other people. One night my hubby was on my phone and and pictures came through it was my friend sending my pictures of a stripper from an party she went to so of course my hubby saw the picture and text back don't send my girl that type of picture he wasn't that upset and we laughed it off. The next day we talked I reminded her to text me before sending things like that because it could have been my daughter who saw it and we moved on after we laughed and talked about it. As time went on I noticed her attitude change she stop calling me and didn't answer my calls then later i found out she got her number changed without telling me. So I wasn't upset i thought o well maybe we wasn't friends in the first but i still was a lil upset. Now she's trying to start back talking to me but im not really on it because i know how she dog other people and some one told me she said she didn't care for my hubby which that's fine because she's supposed too be my friend not his. My hubby is my everything and she has no reason not to like him he's always nice and her hubby mean but it don't affect my feelings for my friend. Sorry lol. SHOULD I GIVE THIS FRIENDSHIP ANOTHER CHANCE???

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