2 Men what is wrong with me !!!

Question if you knew a guy for 8 years and he didn't believe in sex before marriage which he is still undecided if you are the one would you wait or move forward knowing that you love having sex?This is my situation. He has slipped and slept with me over the years, but I feel 8 years if you don't know if I'm the one its time for me to move forward in my life, which brings me to my other partner that I known for about the same time. He is totally opposite we are ttc but I have slipped and had sex with no sex till marriage guy so yes I'm sleeping with both men and yes they both cum in me sorry TMI and I am loving it don't have to worry about STD of course but I'm very fond of both men I just found out that the two men know each other from the pass but are not like friends or anything which gave me a rush both these men want kids one day and are financial stable I couldn't wait on marriage guy he only gives it to me once in a blue moon then feels guilty about the next day this is when I go to my other guy to give it I know this is not right but I love feeling naughty and love having sex with both men I'm loving my life and the men that are both in it am I wrong for feeling this animal instinct of mine wanting to breed from one of them