:'( Tips?

My moods being rock bottom for ages! I've just been out with the only friend i know actually gives a shit about me and all my old friends that are fake and bullies, have came and were sat taking the piss out of every single thing we did😭😭 But as per we get told by teachers to ignore them and be the better person! they don't tell them to stop!? but we have to change! I'm so overwhelmed , I've got so many exams at the moment too, I'm not well at all and my grandmas disowned me! My boyfriend seems to never want to see me 😭😭😭😭 Not one person gives a fucking shit about me and I'm sick of it :( I'm always being silly and being stupid!? And before anyone asks I'm not on my period I finished it 5 days ago so it's not my hormones :(. Help?! Any tips