STOP my butt itches!

So we just had sex, and he had a feather blanket. 
We were having sex and my butt started itching. I tried to act like nothing was wrong because he was like into it. It felt so good but jeez, my butt was really itching. I just screamed  stoppppp and he was like OH MY GOD AM I HURTING YOU ARE YOU OKAY and I got up so fast and ran to the bathroom yelling MY BUTT ITCHES and he started laughing so hard he had tears in his eyes and I happened to have an allergic reaction to his feather blanket. I seriously had to wash my butt in his bathroom. It was sooo not okay but SO damn funny I had to post it somewhere lol 
Added: I'm actually kind of embarrassed that this has 2k views lol why does it have so many views