Could it be cancer? 😣

Idk, I don't know how to ask or talk about this or sound stupid and I don't wanna jump into thinking i have a lump or whatever, but I'm scared! 😭 
So I have this weird ball thing in my boob and I'm really curious what the hell it is. My boyfriend noticed it first. (I'll try my best to explain where in my boob) it's on my right boob. Obviously beneath the skin, behind areola area. I would like kind of squeeze it and feel the "ball" thing. I checked my left boob if there's "ball" and there isn't. We noticed this maybe 3 month ago? (I put off asking my mom because I don't think I still have health insurance and I have my nipples pierced and I don't want to give her a heart attack lol) 
Help? 😭
Feel free to ask me questions in case I left something out.