Venting....single and pregnant

My sons father and I had spoke recently and we agreed we would work things out and also go to therapy. The other day he and I had a huge falling out and he told me that I was a waste of his time.....I don't know if I'm more hurt or I'm more angry!
Whatever none the less we both agreed we will no longer be speaking with one another and that the only communication we will have is when I am in labor and whenever he sees his son. Long story short during the time we were "trying to work things out, which I found out the day before the big argument was that he said he never agreed to work it out that he was gonna do therapy and EVENTUALLY work it out, aka string me along like a dumbass" any who I'm 26 weeks and he has known we were having a boy for a month now and he wanted a say in the babies name and he literally gave me nothing. So I picked his name, I posted that I knew his name on fb and he makes it his business to comment and say "that isn't his name" I'm like pretty sure it is. He replies he won't be calling him that, then hours later text me some crappy random no thought put into it names. I just ignored his text. He text me again today asking if I saw the names. I am so angry with him that I can't even find myself to reply because I fear I will just rip him another one! 
I honestly don't know how I feel about this man. He hasn't even bought his son anything! I make less I mean WAYYYYYY less than him and I've saved more money for the baby than him, I've bought 90% of the stuff in his closet, and MY friends and family have gotten his son everything else. He actually is relying on other to get what his son needs its fucking sad and he gets mad that people in the company we work for are calling him a deadbeat or should I say spreading rumors that I call him one everyday smh I'm so over this guy! 
Why make a baby if you're not gonna be there for it like a REAL father should!