Clomid cycle 3 fail...on to 1st cycle of iui

Me and my hubby have been TTC for a year this month. Cycle 3 of 50mg clomid days 5-9 failed got my progesterone level back (done on day 22) and it was only 0.7. I was also just diagnosed with PCOS and a small septum in my uterus (RE doesn't think it requires surgery at this time). So next step is <a href="">iui</a> and clomid with our RE. I'm excited But nervous. I feel like not having to "try" will make it a little easier. It puts a lot of stress on you (& your partner) when you are tired and don't really feel like having sex but you know you probably need to. Anyone out there either had a successful <a href="">iui</a> or about to start the process of <a href="">iui</a>?