Do you look your age?! Do you get rude questions?

Morgan ✌🏼️❄️ • 28, married to a wonderful husband, expecting our 2nd!
I am 27 years of age and my husband is 34, I am noticeably pregnant at 19 weeks and have had WAY to many woman ask me if I'm of age. What is of age? One woman asked if the father was still around! Most of these questions come from my place of business, which I also own. My parents had me when they were 17, so we are a very young and young looking family. Have any of you had the side glance or glare or any rude questions like this??
   Here's too looking great at 60 I guess!Here are a couple photos of me, I'm on the left! I would love to see what our young looking family looks like! Send your photos ladies! 
 The Husband! It's been the most amazing 7 years!