So i am currently 6w1d. My pcp notified me to taper off my antidepressant because it is classified as a class c for pregnancy. I was currently on 3 meds for bipolar depression diagnosed in 2007. I was told to taper off all of them. (All 3 were class c) however i am feeling the effects of not being on them. Along with the stress of holiday season and the rainy weather (cuddle weather) i am slowly falling into depression. I have no motivation to be happy, excited, nothing. I am even 2nd guessing being pregnant and possibly suffering from post partum depression. Anyone in the same boat? I have an appt the 16th with the NP and my psych. Can someone please tell me it will get better... i am just losing hope... my bf is so supportive... i guess, i dont know what im asking.. (we tell our families on xmas <a href="">eve</a> and xmas day about our seedling) i understand being moody is normal in the 1st trimester but i just am not in the right state of mind.... 😩