I just need to vent and not be judged!!

I'm 21 and live in CA (I've been here for a year now). My mom and sister (who's 20) live in Idaho. Since we were in our teens, my sister and I didn't get along and I quite honestly made no effort to. Among other things, she ran away from home when she was 16 and left my tortured soul of a mother grieving and in constant worry, and my sister made it 10X worse because she kept her phone on and would send my mom vague messages. Also she lied to the girl she went with saying she was 18. You can bet that girl got in a lot of trouble for taking a minor 4 states away for 3 months. Now that I'm older, I tried to be friends (mainly because I know how happy it would make my mom) but I'm really struggling. She is the kind of person that if she were in my life and not related to me, I would never talk to her because she's a horrible person. She's one hell of a manipulator, she's a liar and she's very fake yet still charming. Unfortunately, she makes a great first impression when meeting people. She knows what to say/do to make people feel a certain way for/about her. She feeds off people's jealousy of her, sometimes she even makes them feel bad for her (my best friend, who she never talked to and even at one point said "ew he's too ugly" committed suicide and she GOT A TATTOO IN REMEMBERENCE OF HIM and posted it on Facebook for pity). Anyway, I genuinely tried my hardest to connect and befriend and just enjoy her company but I can't do it. She's horrible to my mother who is so generous as to let her live in her house and bring her lazy boyfriend with her! Don't get me wrong, I can fake getting along but my mom sees right through it and gets upset. My boyfriend keeps telling me that "you can't replace family, she's your blood" but at this point I don't care. All I see when I look at her is a power hungry evil person who will stop at nothing as long as it benefits her and I just can't let it go.