Sapphira Rose Henderson

Yep! :D she got here at 4:09 yesterday after just over 25 hours in labor. She's so cute and sweet. :) she is early but she is 5 lb and 13 oz and 19 inches long. With wavy, thick, dark brown hair. :) I was just barely over 25 hours in labor,minimal tearing and only a couple stitches. She almost came before the doctor had time to get there. Less than 15 minutes I do believe spent pushing, felt like forever at the time but it wasn't. It actually went really fast. She is a sweetheart. I'm having some issues with nursing though...she hasn't wanted to... But I broke, I had to break down and get an epidural. I was hurting so much I couldn't stop shaking and I couldn't sleep at all. :) it was amazing too, I didn't feel anything pretty much after that. I got that at almost..10 am today, she was here at 4:09. :) I almost held out. Lol. She is just too beautiful, mommy doesn't want to put her down.