My baby, my name!

Okay, so when I first got pregnant I promised myself I would not talk names for the reason of what has been happening. I'm sorry, but don't ask me about names I'm thinking of and tell me you don't like it! You have no clue what kind of meaning the name has to me and why I picked it or like it.
1. I don't want your opinion in the first place or I would have asked.
2. Googling my baby's initial/monogram and trying to find something embarrassing about is RUDE.
The name me and my Husband pick for OUR baby is OUR decision not yours! Do not tell me you think that name is stupid, do not tell me you don't like and tell me names that you think are better. 
It is not your child therefore you do not get to name her.
You can give me suggestions if you want but don't get pissy if I don't chose them because again, it's my child.