Has the process started?

So last night after a long night of bartending i hopped into bed and shortly after started having contractions. They were 2-3 minutes apart and very consistent no matter what I did or what position I took they continued on that schedule.  They weren't intensely painful but I felt them get stronger as time passed. I ended up at labor and delivery and was monitored and checked for about 2 hours with no progression. They did confirm the contractions but chopped it up to Braxton hicks and said that they could be intense nearing the end and sent me on my way. This is my second child and with the first I was told my body wouldn't labor and I would require c sections for all children. So my question is that has anyone had experience with something similar and ended up going into labor recently after? I wasn't familiar that Braxton hicks could be consistent and as similar to true labor contractions ..(side note: I have continued today to have painless spontaneous Braxton hicks but nothing consistent or painful)