Bleached nightmare

Came home and went through my laundry basket to get some clothes ready for tomorrow's work day. My brand new shirts from LOFT and favorite PINK sweater are ruined by bleach. I couldn't figure out what happened at first. Apparently a towel that had been previously bleached got sopping wet and thrown into the laundry pile. Bleach leaked out onto the surrounding clothes. I'm in such a bad mood and my boyfriend think I'm being dramatic. This is after a very long work day and a 2 hour final which I'm pretty sure I failed because I didn't have any time to study due to my super huge workload and OT. I just needed w place to vent :( I know it's not the end of the world but losing my new favorite tops and favorite pink hoodie is adding to an already stressful day.  Hopefully tomorrow is a better one?!