Dealing with a loss in the family

Jessica • Married {05-11-13} Mommy to two beautiful little boys Kobie {9-2-13} & Kruz {4-7-16}
I'm just in total and complete father in law passed away suddenly yesterday and our family is just devastated. I think what breaks my heart the most is he was such an amazing person and even better papa to our two year old son. They thought the world of each other and my son won't remember him and how great he was or how much he loved him. And our son due in April won't ever even know him and it just breaks my heart into a million pieces because there just aren't people like him anymore it doesn't seem and he was took MUCH too soon from us. 
And not only was he just a great person but he was so much more to my husband than just his dad...they truly were best friends. They did everything and anything together and I'm just at such a loss for my husband. And as for my mother in law...they were together since she was 14 years old and she's 57 now... They were a true role model of a perfect marriage and family. And I say "perfect" because they showed us life isn't perfect and things get tough but you don't ever give up on each other. 
Just such a sad and hard time for us all and so close to the holidays 😞