A lot of sex.

I've been a little nervous right about posting because some of the women on here are vicious, but I get used a lot and I get hurt a lot too. Everytime I meet a guy I say that it will be different And that I won't jump into bed with them or anything like that. I plan on taking it slow. After meeting a guy I like I get like super turned on and have sex with them. The last guy I met was in the army. He was so hot we had great conversation and then he took me to his room and for a minute I believed we were just gonna talk, but we ended up have sex. Amazing sex in fact. But after he dropped me off at my house he never called or texted. This happens way too often and I'm just nervous that maybe I only go out with guys cause I know there's a huge possibility either one of us might initiate sex. I don't exactly know what to do. I love having sex. But is there such thing as liking sex too much?