Supplementing with formula?

Ashley • 20 years old♍️ One daughter born on October 31st 🎃 In love ❤️
So I've been breastfeeding my 2 month old since birth and she's been drinking my stored breastmilk from bottles perfectly since 5 weeks old when I returned to work. 
Unfortunately my milk supply has changed and I can't pump enough anymore to store in the freezer. She eats two 6 ounce bags in a 5-6 hour period and I only have 4 bags left in the freezer.
That's only two days worth of milk for her and I'm getting scared because I can't pump anything in time for when I have no more bags. I have formula and I let her try it for the first time yesterday and she would suck on it for a few seconds and cry because she didn't like it. I have no choice but to give it to her for when I go to work.
I'm stressed about this whole feeding situation and can't pump anything and I'm running out of time. When I pump I try everything. Being calm, looking at her, being distracted. I'm drinking more water and pumping often. I still can't get enough to make a bag. I try and pump before work but I only have enough time to pump a bottles worth. 
Will she drink the formula if she's hungry enough? What if she refuses to eat while I'm at work? 
Idk what to do :(