How do you keep yourrrrrrr


Bowels moving? I've gotten more and more constipated. I hate this. I used to drink senna leaf tea, or "smooth move tea." But one dr told me not to drink it while pregnant. It was like once a month I felt I needed that. Or less. But I've been constipated my whole pregnancy. Im halfway through 14 weeks now, and I'm imagining that at birth I'll push more feces than baby out of me! Anything besides, "eat fiber, drink water," helps because I AM drinking water and eating fiber. I even drink coffee. It doesn't help. I'm also tired of the response, "thats just pregnancy." No. I refuse to believe that. For one thing it's got me looking super bloated. A lot of you ladies seem to not be bloated, sporting teeny tiny bumps. I can see mine, but a lot of it is bloat, too. I was a skinny girl before this, at 120lbs and 5'3". Ugh I'm just so tired of feeling fat, bloated, and ugly. I want to see my tummy grow with the baby, not look down and think I'm fat. Nobody thinks I'm pregnant, just chubby. :(

Blahhh help me poop! Bahahaha.