Feel like this isn't real?

Rayyy • Due end of April!
Anyone feel the same way as me? I am a first time mom. Got pregnant first cycle. No previous miscarriages. I guess you can say I'm quite lucky and I feel extremely fortunate. 
I feel like things sometimes have sunk in. But other times I just can't believe that any few months were going to have a baby. I feel him moving around and everything seems normal. However I find myself feeling more like, "if he gets here." Not WHEN he gets here. 
I'm SO excited. I just don't know what's wrong. I feel like my mind won't let me fully comprehend I'm pregnant. 
It's just really weird --- even being around family around Christmas time I feel like I'm some big hoax LOL even though everything is true.
I'm also on the smaller bump end. Maybe that's it??