TTC? Logic or baby fever?

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Okay. So we were going to wait a little over a year to TTC. But I realized. I'm taking a year off of school (because working full time and going to school was just too much with my lupus) and my husband is working full time (in fact his work can pay for our bills alone, so we can save up my patchy income. (Paid by the day so income varies depending on if I'm needed)
Our previous plan was that I'd save up and save up so that I could stop work once the baby was born, but because of the masters program my husband will be going through in 2017-2018 year he would have to go through 6 months of no work and we would have to be living solely off of savings. It sounded like a great plan to me until I realized that my husband would have to be going through an intensive program with a very new, not sleeping, crying infant. And if our babies are anything like I was as a baby, I was terribly colicy.
I was thinking we should start trying sooner. That way we will have an older baby once he goes into the program (sleeping though the night, if not at least most of the night). Because this program is much more stressful than working. Because there's student teaching involved, so you technically are working AND youre needing to learn everything you'll be implementing in your career for the rest of your life. Plus the baby would be old enough that I would feel comfortable having a part time job to supplement our savings and leave the little one at daycare for a couple of hours.
I've had baby fever for a while and have been wanting to have a baby, but I want to make sure this idea is logical rather than just being the passion of "baby, baby, I want a baby!!!"
EDIT: also I want to have a baby here. As soon as he's done with his program we'll be moving somewhere else in the state (we don't know where yet) and we have a great birthing center here, family for support, and my rheumatologist- since bad flares can happen post birth because of the physical stress.