My sex life is could use some friendly advice!!

So, my sex life is boring, it's pretty much non existing. Since we've been TTC my hubby and I have intercourse like 7 times a month....if I'm lucky! And when it's time to do the deed he complains and makes it into a chore. So much I don't even want a baby as much as I used to. I tried talkin to him about how I'm feeling but it goes in one ear and out the other. I tried everything to looking sexy, to sexy music to trying to turn him on. Tonight was a complete disaster, I asked him if her can finger me to get me wet plus it'll make it easier to slide right in and it won't hurt me as much. So he told me to take care of myself and he'll get himself hard. I asked him if he can do it, he started to but complained so much it totally turned me off and I told him to stop and I'm all set! It's my fertility window and was tryin to stay on track. We didn't talk after that cuz I'm upset about this whole thing. I NEVER heard of any man complaining to have sex and knows how to turn a woman on. I'm so not satisfied in bed anymore and he makes me feel not so sexy! He claims it's me always pressing him to conceive, seeing it's been close to 2 years. We've been going to a OB/GYN because I have PCOS and hypothyroidism. But I'm the one going through everything. This may I had a laparoscopy surgery, I'm on meds and I'm the one going through this emotional roller-coaster ride. It's more tough on me. So this is the last thing I want to deal with! I tried telling him to make love the way we used to. I'm tryin and sayin everything to ease his mind. Our sex life is horrible and I'm so bored and so not turned on. Intimacy is sooo important in a relationship and I'm afraid this simple solution can save our relationship otherwise it's gonna ruin it. Sometimes I feel selfish for wanting good sex and wanting it often. But this isn't normal for a 36 year old female and a 40 male. Since he's being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and his meds, he hasn't been "in the mood" but at times I feel like he's using that to his advantage!! We used to have good sex and often did it all the time but now we don't! I dunno how to light the flames again seeing it's as cold as ice! I just need advice from my Glow ladies and please no judgment or wise comments. I'm just so sad and down. Cheating is so so wrong but how does anyone not have sex in a relationship. I'm just so sick and tired of the complaining when it's time to BD or that I'm just horney! Men are so quick to say if they don't get what they need in the bedroom, that they'll go get it somewhere else and I don't want it from anyone except the man I'm in love with! He's a goid man and does alot for me but this is one area that's so fucked up!!!! My biological clock is ticking away and we have no time for the BS! What should I do???? How can I have a relationship like this??? I'm so lost...I tired everything and I'm all outta ideas and faith! **Sigh** 😞 thx for listening ladies! Many blessings