Plan B!

I'm 15. I took Plan B, November 30th the day right after my period ended. The night before my boyfriend and I were grinding up on each other with clothes on but when we got up he had a wet spot on his shorts and I had the same looking spot on my underwear, I was worried and very paranoid so the next day I brought Plan B. I threw up 4-5 hours later. I ate it with a chicken salad. That I found out to be undercooked and got food poisoning. Then after I was perfectly fine. Now to this day just recently starting on Decemeber 26 I've had excess discharge, tender breasts, hunger, bad mood swings and cramps. I missed my period Decemeber 24th. Is Plan B doing this, probably because I'm so young? Could I be pregnant or is now the right time to take a test?