Alright already with the car seat protocol!!!

Sasha • I'm 28, baby #2 due feb 6, 2016-another girl!!!
People are losing their minds over this "no coats with car seats" NONSENSE. And it IS nonsense the way I'm seeing it presented. It seems nobody is actually reading the information out there about the safety concerns and instead are hearing "never put a coat on your child in their car seat or they will surely die in the event of an accident" and running with it, screaming FIRE bc someone lit a match 😕. Like everything else in life and parenting, we have to listen rationally and apply in the best way possible. People claiming safety over hassle or pneumonia isn't caused by the cold are taking this whole thing way too far. Yes, an overly bulky coat or improperly buckled or installed car seat is a very serious concern when it comes to child vehicle safety. It's our responsibility to be sure we're using all safety measures in conjunction in a way that balances and protects and enhances each measure. 
1. Install your car seat properly
2. Be sure the straps are threaded appropriately
3. Check your child's winter dressings for possible over-bulkiness
Also note that exposing your child to the winter/cold weather elements improperly dressed can result in death just as an overly bulky winter coat paired with improper use of a car seat can result in death. 
Yes, pneumonia IS A RISK if your child is under dressed. 
Rant over 🤗