Very unusually sore boob. Baby 11 days old

Claire • Proud mummy to baby Girl ❤️
Hi Everyone. Advice needed please. breast feeding getting easier and a health visitor said yesterday the reason she sometimes is taking ages to latch on is coz it is too full and hard so she can't get a good mouthful in easily especially as she is small (6lb 3oz) . Used my pump a few times just for a min before feeding when boobs were hard and it seemed to help- she was able to latch in quickly . Then earlier boob was sore so I pumped for a min but then didn't feed her.. And I'm not sure if it's linked but since then my boob is really sore and tender to touch. Not my nipple for a change my whole left boob.. More sore than it's ever been. Had a bath n milk was dripping out so thought prob was that it was full but she's just fed off that boob for twenty mins n it's still just as sore.. Any suggestions ? Should I try and pump it empty? Not saving the milk yet .. Worried I've got a blocked duct or something serious. Please help of u can  xx