Weirdest dog ever!


I love my baby, she's my best friend! But she gets on my nerves sometimes. She is extremely needy and will cry (loudly) and bark constantly until she gets her way. She's very smart and even goes to her time out corner when she's in trouble. Lol Well, I'm pregnant and trying to teach her how to be a better listener. She's doing great with rewards for listening to commands, but is having a HORRIBLE time not barking. Nothing has worked. Except this one really weird trick. If I put her collar on her head (pic below lol) she calms down and stops making noise (barking and whining).

Why in the world does this work? Lol

Also, it isn't tight at all, so she's perfectly safe. I can fit four fingers under it and she can easily slide it off herself. She just doesn't. Lol. The way her head is shaped keeps it in place.