Patiently Waiting 😩😩😩😩😩(OPK)

Courtney β€’ 28 | happily married β€’ 5 Clomid rounds❌ β€’ Uterine Septum Surgery β€’ 2 Letrozole RoundsβŒβ€’ Natural BFP ended in an early MCπŸ˜”
First round of Clomid, cycle days 5-9, now I am on CD16, patiently waiting to Ovulate 😩😩 I got faint positive two days back (was darker than control, but both were pretty faint). I am beginning to think it was a false positive, actually. Every morning I think I am going to have a BBT jump, but nope. I normally ovulate early, CD11ish so I am getting rather impatient. We've BD VERY often in the past 6 days. We're going to take a break, hoping I will get that positive OPK soon😩😩😩 send some O dust pleeease lolol ✨✨✨✨✨✨