For those who have been TTC for a while...

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As a newbie to all of this (TTC and Glow), I've been wondering - for those ladies who have been TTC for a long time (perhaps over a eight months or so), is there something that I can avoid doing to not make the heartbreak of TTC worse for you? 
I've been thinking about this a lot for some reason. I've seen women TTC for only a month an complaining immensely about not being able to get pregnant, only for someone who has been TTC for 2-3 years lending support or saying that they're only one month in. I also wonder how much it must hurt for someone who has been TTC see someone post a BFP and state they weren't even trying or just tried for the first time (not saying they would be jealous or not happy - just hurt). 
I just want to make sure I'm just not being a jerk to the ladies who have had such heartbreak that I haven't experienced. Please, ladies, air your grievances. I'm only wanting to help.