Early miscarriage but pregnancy test is getting darker.

Katrina • I'm now going though my 3rd miscarriage this year I'm totally gutted that I have lost my babies.
Hi all can anyone shead some light on this for me now I've had a missed miscarriage back in September 2015 I then went on to find that I fell pregnant again in November but this time I had blood hcg done the first test came in at 110 and the second test 48hrs later only came in at 129 so only 19 difference no looking good two days after I had the test done I started to bleed very heavy with clots. This started on the 16th of December 2015. I bleed for 10 days. Now I had a few tests left so though I would take a test to see if things had settled down and I just got a strong positive??? And this was taken even though I had loads of juice before I had done this test. Does anyone have any ideas here as I'm confused. Xx p.s thanks to all that reply xx