Extremely painful armpit lump *GRAPHIC IMAGE*

Any home remedies for this? I can't move my arm it's so painful I get weak. I've been like this for days nothing has worked so far and every day it gets worse and worse. VERY GRAPHIC PHOTO I apologize in advance UPDATE 1/1/16
 Unfortunately I don't have insurance so I can't afford to go to the Doctor, I've been drinking vegetable juice for my strength, ibuprofen for the pain. The pain gets so bad it numbs my whole arm. My mom thinks changing deodorant caused it but it's never been this painful before. I also think because of my period coming soon might be a factor. But I have no idea it's just a theory. I try creams like Benadryl but nothing works. I'll keep everyone updated. Thanks so much. 
P.S my biological father was reported to have this by my mom, but since I don't know him so yeah. If it's any help my medical history is Type 2 Diabetes, and Endometriosis and I am not sexually active (Virgin)
Update: 1/2/16
I woke up this morning and it popped! I had the biggest sigh of relief, I'm not in pain anymore. I feel liberated. It's been draining for about a half hour now and I'm just making sure it's getting out. I'm super grateful for all the comments