Random oversensitive moment lol


Back story, my husband has been off for a little over a week from is stressful job. I'm 8 months pregnant and really horny. We haven't had sex in a month. Last night we were supposed too but we stayed up top late and he feel asleep and I got sick (ugh pregnancy )...

Flash to now, I'm a little annoyed because I'm obviously frustrated. I get up and go eat a muffin fir breakfast. While I'm enjoying my blueberry muffin, I'm thinking about this and what if he is just only interested in porn now or just not attractive to me anymore, and I'm playing this argument out in my head.... while I'm eating my muffin I start to cry! And it's like a build up of sobs but I get it together because I wanna eat the rest of my awesome muffin and I wasn't planning on actually crying over this or whatever. It took me out of the moment because I was so shocked and surprised by these hormones. Lol.

Hoping today will end better than it started! Lol. Anyone had any funny moments like this?