Hey ladies so my lover and I recently got married, we are crazy about each other and it gets better every day! However, (; I love love love having hot, romantic sex with him and I could do it every day twice a day IF HE WOULD LET ME. But the reality is you can't expect your spouse or significant other to be up for that (haha, get it?) every time you are! He's tired, he has bad days too. Sometimes it's physical, other times mental. I know that but it still hasn't stopped me from getting frustrated sometimes. When your vag is reeeeaaallllyyyyy hungry, feed her right?? Well apparently I have a spoiled brat for one. And it's almost painful if I don't let my body indulge on what it wants. I'm not sure many girls have this problem but it would be nice to hear back from anyone with the same situation as a woman and maybe share your tips on how to, I don't know, force yourself to not want and almost need sex so much??? I'm aware that there's always been a label on guys for "wanting sex all the time", but it's looking like that is a myth. Lol thanks!