Advice please 38 weeks on wed

Kelsey • 21 years old First time mom. My paizlee girl is due January 20!!! Im a office manager at a electrical contracting company. Cant wait for my bundle of joy
Ill be 38 weeks on Wednesday. I was in hospital for three days due to 2-5 min apart contractions and intense hemmroids and constipation which I had tons of things to help enemas and stool softeners and fiber lots of suppositorys none able to make me go! Well I was 2 cm dilated I went from 0 on sat to 2 on wed. Haven't been checked since and finally made a tiny bowel movement last night but for three days I been having bad stabbing pains and painful pressure in my butt. Today it's the worse!!! I can't even stand and I have a horrid itchy rash on my belly I can't even stand to wear a shirt and I passed a bloody mucus chunk yesterday gahh. Is it normal to have so much pressure on my butt. Now I'm having menstral cramping with my contractions. Baby's still moving plenty. I'm just so miserable.