TTC at 33!

I had my last period on 12/19. I'm due for AF 1/22. I bought a clear blue digital opk. Just when I was at my last test it was peak smiley face. We had sex 4 days before and 3 days after that. I've been taking my prenatals everyday. I had slight cramping the other day nothing bad. I've been eating everything not nailed down. My boobs are killing me. I just lost 40pounds since October. I don't smoke or drink, I used to have an occassinal drink here and there, stopped due to TTC.  This is my 3rd baby. I have a almost 14,9 year old girls. I know I'm crazy for starting over. My first husband passed away I since then gotten remarried, this will be my husbands first baby. I'm soooo nervous yet soooo excited. Anyone else out there going crazy. I read all day long about conceiving, and trying to get pregnant. Please I need advise so I don't going anymore crazier!