Advice please !!!

So Christmas I announced me and husbands 3rd and last baby.. And by the grace of God after two princes I am blessed with a princess ... Needless to say how excited I am.. I have a best friend whom I had in mind to ask to be her godmother .. (She doesn't have kids yet and I was a tad bit convinced she might be having a hard time to .. So I thought this would be perfect ) I asked her .. And didn't exactly get the super excited response I expected .. But she still accepted .. But then it just for odd.. She seemed distant and I didn't hear anything from her until a week later in which then I asked her if maybe she wanted me to give the job to someone else ... (Her husband informed me she was doing fertility treatments which I knew .. And she had recently gotten pregnant .. Then of course the day before I tell her .. She had miscarried) I had no clue.. And feel mixed emotions.. I feel bad for her and then in the same sense felt a little upset because  of her reaction to when I asked her to be godmother .. Long story short I took the title back and she basically gave me a nonchalant response to it .. And we haven't spoke since.. I don't know what to do.. I'm overly excited to get my princess and thought maybe we should just focus on her when we speak and I'll let someone else to be god mother .. But now I'm not sure if that was the right way to go about it .. Any advice would be great.