Work day blues

Caroline🌼 • in a relationship//dog mom of one
Everytime my boyfriend goes to work I get 'upset' bc I'm home all day long and I just miss him when he's gone (I put quotes bc I'm not aaaactually upset just a little sad) 
I mean I know he has to work bc we need the money and I know I'm fine while he's gone it's just one of those little things that's sad. Well today he went into work on a new schedule. He never usually works Sunday's and hates working on weekends. So as he was getting ready he goes 'I don't waaanna go. I miss you. I miss you all day long. I wish I could just take you with me.' Idk it was just really sweet to know he doesn't like being apart either. 
We spent 8 months long distance with no visits and not actually meeting in person. And then when I finally moved in with him after that we spent like 9 months together. Like 24/7. We were never apart. He had lost his job and I didn't have one. So we just spent all day long together. And it was great. I mean it sucked my having any money but I looooves spending all my time with him. It's so weird now that he has to actually leave for the Majority of the day.