Abdominal pain

Hi all, I'm 6 weeks pregnant today and had an ectopic last year so every little twinge I feel is making me nervous. I have an ultrasound scheduled but not until the end of this week (I'll be almost 7 weeks). I've been having lower abdominal pain/cramping for the past two days. It's been mild and intermittent and no spotting (that's how I presented with ectopic last time- spotting for a few days and pretty severe pain) so I'm trying to keep my hopes up that this is just "normal" cramping. I've been using a heating pad and I took Tylenol earlier today. Seems to be helping a little bit, but the pain never quite goes away completely. Anyone have any similar situations or ideas? I'm thinking if it continues, I'll call my doctor and see if they can't get me in sooner.