Please someone tell me I'm still in. . .

Cierra • TTC Baby #2 for 5 years now. Just finished battling Complex Atypical Endometrial Hyperplaisia and starting fertility treatments!

Okay so here's my story. . .

I was suppsed to start Jan 5th. I was extremely nauseous the 2nd and even sick once then nauseous and horrible heartburn since then. Things that i could always eat and drink i can't now because they make me nauseous but things i didn't really care for before are delicious and don't make me sick now. I have been dizzy lightheaded and exhausted/tired all the time.

I tested with a cheapie at night on the 4th BFN

I tested with first response rapid response after work on the 6th BFN

I tested with a cheapie at night on the 8th BFN

AF still hasn't made an appearance but I have had ALOT of really watery CM and random sore spots in my boobs and lower belly.

Now...why am I not getting BFP?? Should I just give up hope? Am I just timing the tests wrong? I'll be 6 days late tomorrow and I just have a feeling that when I test in the morning it will be yet another BFN and my heart will be broken. Am I still able to get that BFP? I guess I'm looking for comfort and advice...

We have been TTC for a year now and I'm tired of my hopes getting crushed. . .it's exhausting. I have never been this late before and Again I let my hopes get up and I'm borderline anxiety attack and tears because I don't want it to be negative. ..