Dont want sex

Hi all me and my so have been together for mearly 4 years wee used have have a great sex life and weve been trying for over 2 years and have a 2 and a half year old but recently iv just not been feeling attracted to him and i think he feels the same way wee never compliment each other and our sex life is pretty much none existent and when wee do have sex its like he doesnt want to be there and it just makes me feel like why am i even trying to make you happy iv tried everything dressing up roll play etc but he never seams intrested its really making me lose attraction to him to the point where i cant even be bothered to have sex with him cause itll just be awkward ! Hes also acting weird wee went out with a few friends for new year both of them are in a relationship together but since then hes just not even bothered to talk and when wee go out and do something he just grts annoyed at evwrything or doesnt even agnolige im there Anyone got any input on this ?