Need support because I think I'm pregnant

AnnaMarie • I`m AnnaMarie. Married 10/14/2017, and our son was born 7/20/2018. 💙
Alright, so I have had several pregnancy scares that have all resulted in me not being pregnant. But this time I think it's for real. My boyfriend came inside of me for the first time EVER in late December (after my last period, so it was during my current cycle). We did not use Plan B or anything because I am on birth control and I thought I was pregnant last month as well (turns out it was just pms plus withdrawal symptoms from my add meds). I didn't want to take Plan B because if I was pregnant I thought it would hurt the baby. 
Anyway, I have been having abdominal cramps for the past week or week and a half, kind of in the lower abdomen but not quite the pelvis. I NEVER get cramps that far out from my period. Plus I have been quite moody, not grumpy like I normally get during pms but more weepy. I just cry and cry. I also went skiing after Christmas and I was so out of breath the whole trip. This is of course normal in higher elevations but not for me. I have been going up to that area for 15+ years with little to no problems. It was very noticeable and very odd for me. I have also been very dizzy and light headed, extremely nauseous at times, and have had cravings. My boobs have been hurting all week and my back has been killing me for the past 2 weeks. Plus I have been exhausted as hell. I have not had the energy to get off the couch all day even though I got 14-15 hours of sleep last night. 
I'm not asking if I am pregnant, because I know I need a doctor for that. I'm just looking for support and/or advice. 
My period is due on Friday and I plan on taking a test tomorrow morning. Honestly, I would be fine with either result, but I'm not sure about my boyfriend or family. Any advice on how to tell them if I am pregnant would be appreciated, as well.