Baby's Weight

So does the baby's weight depend on what you eat during your pregnancy or is it in the parents genes ?
because i'm not very active anymore . i'm honestly so lazy now . i'm 7+ weeks and i dont have motivation to even get up most of the time . i eat pretty shitty cause it seems thats all my body is craving . i tried to exersize and i got really really lightheaded , plus its freezing outside , and my throat was burning . and i dont want my baby to come out fat because its not healthy . i want it to come out a good weight . my boyfriends family is short . his mom is chubby but he is tiny as a twig his sister is tiny as a twig and so was his dad until he got older . now on my side my "mom" is short chubby , but my dads side EVERY single person is skinny and tall as hell . i am "thick" now because gained weight on the depo shot and just havent gotten myself to go back to the weight i was growing up . okay sorry for the rent but hope this helps . Someone give me advice and help me please 😩😂